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How to Prepare

Document Preparation

Pacific Western Bank BuildingDocuments Required for the Office Appointment:

In order to prepare a consumer bankruptcy case, the client must bring the following documents:

    1. Last 6 months of pay stubs;
    2. Most recent commission, bonus, or any other payments;
    3. Proof of spousal support, social security, pension, roommate, or other income sources (such as someone paying your living expenses);
    4. Documentation showing any other income such as pension, worker’s comp, unemployment, disability, and other income.
  3. IF SELF-EMPLOYED – Bring 6 separate monthly profit and loss [P&L] statements for the past 6 months and all of the bank statements that correspond to those 6 monthly P&Ls.
  4. FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURNS for the previous 2 years.
  5. IF YOU OWN REAL ESTATE or your name is on title to the property, bring the following:
    1. An appraisal report, if appraised in the last 90 days, or a broker’s price opinion letter or marketing proposal;
    2. Insurance – the declarations page showing the insurance policy limits; and
    3. If you refinanced or sold in last 2 years – the escrow closing statement.
  6. FOR ALL MOTOR VEHICLES, TRAILERS or WATERCRAFT owned or in your name:
    1. DMV registration for each vehicle or boat;
    2. Kelley Blue Book analysis on each vehicle. You may obtain this analysis by going on;
    3. Vehicle purchase or lease agreement if purchased in the last 120 days; and
    4. Insurance policy declarations pages showing the insurance policy limits.
  7. THE MOST CURRENT STATEMENTS for each bank or credit union account.
  8. THE MOST CURRENT STATEMENTS for each 401K, IRA or other retirement account.
  9. DIVORCE – a copy of the property settlement agreement and any order to pay support.
  10. TRUST DOCUMENTS – bring the trust document if you created the trust or are the trustee or beneficiary of the trust.
  11. CIVIL LAWSUITS – bring any complaint you filed or that was filed against you as well as copies of any judgments.
  12. MEDICAL / PRIVATE DEBT INFORMATION – bring any billing statements or a list including the name, address, and amount owed to doctors, loans from friends or family, and debts not listed on your credit report.

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